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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Just a shorty!

I haven't been online for a few days and I'm not even bothered by it. Weekend was AMAY-ZING and I miss my sayang ): He can finally online from home now cos he just got his streamyx connected so more skype you say? NO! He's just as lazy as I am which make me feel that we are like two peas in a pod.

Anything interesting happened throughout the week? Hmm, let me recap. So my lecturer Miss Yati left and heading to Perak to further her studies. The whole faculty had a small farewell party for her, we just got her a cake if you're wondering how small the farewell party is. Hahaha! So many memories that I have with her and her class is actually my first when I started studying in uni. She is a petite woman with a big attitude. Believe it or not, I'm gonna miss her and I'm not worry whether I would be able to see her again in the future or not cos she had told us that we are invited to her wedding. Can't wait to eat nasi minyak!!

Apart from that, the last movie of Transformers are now showing but to be frank, I never like it! Never even finish the first movie. So I'm not that crazy and all hyped like other people, who think like it's the epic movie of the year. Have they forgotten about Harry Potter?? I bet Harry Potter would beat Transformer hard! I am looking forward to the movie (Harry Potter, I mean) and I was thinking to buy premiere tickets, gonna watch 2D version with boyfie and 3D with my sister. Harry Potter fanatic much? (:

Watched Super 8 and it was boring!! Just like Green Lantern. That 2 movies including The Voices From The Grave are the lamest movies I've watched this year! Waste, I tell you!! For those who haven't watch all those 3 movies and wanted to watch it in cinema or downloading it, dengar la ckp saya. JANGAN LAH!! Waste of money and your laptop/ desktop space! P/s: Blake Lively, I love you but you look weird in brunette. Just saying.

Starting tomorrow is the third week of lectures but I still feel like I'm having my holidays. I don't care much about my studies, let alone my course notes. I have to get rid of this 'honeymoon' feeling before I ruin my exam result even more, seriously need to improve my grades! 

Isn't this nice??

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