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Thursday, July 7, 2011


It's 6.21am and you may thought that I've just woken up. WRONG! Big fat wrong. I didn't even get some sleep last night. Tried to but can't. Kept tossing, turning just to find a comfortable position for sleeping but failed. So I ended up watching a movie instead. The Sound of Music! It cheered me up a bit while watching it but when it's over, emo kicked in again. Wanted to text but credit is zero. Le sigh.

Last night was no good. I know I'm not the jealous type of person when it comes to relationship and if I do get jealous, it's just a minor one and that kind of feeling won't stay too long but last night was different. I have never even thought that I could get really serious ass jealous. Well, maybe that's the price I have to pay for being in a relationship. Feelings are very brittle.

You may feel happy, all jolly but it may turn 180 degrees very easily. That is what happened. I was okay earlier of the day but my night turned sour. Maybe it's the PMS that I'm having but maybe I am the jealous type and I don't even realized that until now. When jealousy conquered, I tend to be so sarcastic towards the person that made me feel that way. Probably because I want to let that person feel what I feel. Childish much? Maybe yes but I just can't help it. 

Okay, it's almost 7am. I should at least get a power nap before today's 10am class. Can't drive sleepy right? Good night or should I say bonne nuit.

P/s: God, I feel so alone now. Please let me feel okay ):

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