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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Of John Carter movie review and other random things...

Hey there! Much apologies for the long disappearance. Been busy with life and studies, albeit it's my final semester and doing research papers is a pain in the ass!! How was your weekend? I hope all of you enjoyed it as much as I do! :) My saturday was really fun even though I was feeling a little sick throughout the day. I went to Kingfisher to meet le boyfriend and spend the whole day with him. We were chilling out at his aunt's house. Thank goodness that everyone else went back to Kota Belud and we can spend time alone. It felt great to be able to see his face and feel his arms around me, I feel so safe when I'm with him. We planned to go out for a movie earlier in the week and since it was I who chose the last movie ( it was The Devil Inside, which a total regret), I let him choose yesterday. I kinda knew that he chose John Carter cos whenever we're in the cinema waiting for the cinema hall to open, we like to look at movie posters on the wall and he always said jokingly that the giant elephant-like monster in the John Carter's poster really look like Stewart, a friend of ours. I know right, jahat bah him. Haha!  The cinema hall was full, full of high school kids, teenagers, parents and their small ones. Well, it's a Disney movie right!

To be honest, I'm not really fond of the movie simply because the storyline doesn't suit Disney at all. The movie just doesn't make sense in terms of the message or the moral value that Disney always portray in each of its movies. But I did feel pity for Sola, the daughter of Jeddak Tars Tarkas ( Jeddak means King/leader in Mars language). Why? Watch the movie and you'll know why. No spoilers! :D
I also have issues with the choice of costumes for Dejah Thoris. I was quite stunned with all her outfits and I keep asking myself "am I watching a Disney movie?" cos seriously, everything that she wore are intriguing. I wanted to show some pictures of how vulgar the costumers were but I couldn't find any and with that, you have to watch the movie for yourself. Would I recommend to watch this movie? Hmm.. No, you should just download it but if you're happen to go to cinema and there are no movies that seem interesting to you then why not if you have the money and time to kill. Btw, Taylor Kitsch who played John Carter is really HOT!! I think he resembles Johnny Depp a bit. *grins*

After the movie, we went back to Kingfisher cos we have no other plans and it was really hot outside. We dropped by at a market to buy some grocery and then to his aunt's home and guess what, le boyfriend cooked dinner! Although it was a simple dinner but for me, it's really sweet of him. I mean really, a guy who cooks for his girlfriend is a HUGE TURN ON! I can't help but to imagine being his wife, living and he would cook and do house chore for me. How blissful my life would be if we ended up being married. Well, I can pray for it, isn't it? Amen. After the humble dinner, we ended up watching more movies on his laptop and I fell asleep in his arms. When he woke me up, it's 10.30pm already and that means I have to go home. It's never easy to be apart with someone we love so much, I don't think I will ever get used to that.

Have a good week ahead of you and may next week will treat you better than the last :) *crossed fingers*

Until next post,
au revoir!


  1. auw i haven't watch john carter and the devil thing!
    and and and..YOU'RE SO DAMN LUCKY!!! my bf cant even cook....hmm boleh la like basic maggie,egg,nasi...haha opps. nasib i can cook!
    but as long as he do chores pun pass la..:D

  2. john carter boring la a bit n devil inside has some suspens but the ending is a huge flop! kin panas!
    awww.. thanks n i knw dat im lucky to have him.. at least if sy malas masak, i can ask him to do it.. u can ask ur bf to help u bah, asal rajin masuk dapur.. :D

  3. haha my bf wana watch that but last2 he malas nvm la,maybe download ja. auw siok ba that if your partner can cook with you, my bf kan, time i abis masak everything odi baru he ask me " you want my help?" hahahaha

  4. hahaha.. mo ksi train dia msuk dapur tu.. nti when u guys get married ody, bt la byk2 cooking romance in the kitchen.. sure pny dia rajin tolg d dapur.. hehehe.. lol start sdh sy mo fikir yg gete2 ni.. hahaha