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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Still exist!

Hey people! I'm back and yes, I am still alive and this blog is still exist. I disappeared for quite a long time, no? Yeah, my previous post dated April 13th. Yikes! I even forgot how my blog looks like already -___-'' Well, for those who follow my blog (I'm not sure if anybody reads it anyway) actually know that Jessica is a magician who's her favorite trick is to vanish from the internet social world. So starting today, I'm back and fingers crossed I'm back for good this time.

I'm a bit heartache tonight. Boyfriend called and we fought on the phone. He was in a bad mood and to add the situation even worst, I was being rude to him. Despite being nice all the time, Jessica has her dark side too. Man if I'm mad, my mouth is like a crazy nuclear spewing machine. I was so rude I think if I'm my own boyfriend, I don't think I want to be with myself forever.

Enough ranting before I feel more miserable and cry. Sorry for making my 1st comeback to the blogging world an uncomfortable one. Night!

Damn, my eyes are tearing up now.

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