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Friday, September 14, 2012

In need of a new thing to do.

Last 2 weeks ago I went to this hotel in Lintas to apply for job and I got interviewed right away but the manager who interviewed me explain that I will be called later for a 2nd interview with the General Manager of the hotel. Well guess what, that 'later' was actually yesterday when the General Manager called in the afternoon and informed that I will have to come for my 2nd job interview later this morning at 8.30am. To be frank, I'm not that psyched about it cos it's the job that is really not my cup of tea. Growing up, I always picture myself to have my own café where one can relax, drink coffee and read a book. And in the café I could host several events like Reading Club or Coffee enthusiast club or even Photography club where I can share my love for coffee, reading and taking pictures. Honestly, I did it just to satisfy my dad because he thinks that I'm just laying around at home all day doing nothing. He tried not to make it obvious but I can just tell from the way he spoke to me and how he just can't stop himself from telling me to check on the internet about job vacancy even when he's in the middle of the sea, talking to me on the phone. Dad, why can't you have just a little patience?

If the interview was a success, I think I would just accept the job anyway even if it doesn't pay well despite being a degree holder cos firstly, to stop my dad from keep bugging me about being jobless and secondly, to have other things to do rather than just stay at home being my mom's assistant in doing chores. I love being at home but since after my practical, I kinda sick of keep doing the same thing everyday. Chores, chores, chores. If I get the job, I get to do something else that definitely has nothing to do with house chores and I get paid for that. I can even get to save some cash to spend when I visit KL for my convocation this November. Oh November, come quick pretty please?? :)

Shoot! I'm supposed to sleep now since the interview is at 8.30am. I should just force myself to sleep then. Bonne nuit :)

I managed to watch Kate Middleton giving her speech on TV3's Nightline just now and like always, she looks stunning in that grey dress. Heck she can rock any color!


  1. hey babe..i know how you feel actly..hehe after i finish my practical, i got a job at this accounts firm in damai..i never plan to work there for the rest of life la of cause..i work bcoz i need $$ and my mum bising2 odi..
    but guess what? i work there for 1 month plus only.i couldn't handle the stress & pressure, i have to O.T like almost everyday and my salary is like 1.2k only..the bos selalu give me work like 10 minutes b4 5pm and said it's urgent..haihh.

    then i take some time to think what do i really want to do in my life..i went to several interviews actly and i gt all the job but i decline because of the salary..haih..then i start to switch field la from finance to logistics. i just started on september far everything okla..and the paid much higher than my prev job :D so goodluck babe in finding ur job! dont rush to find a job, nanti you x happy tu like me last time:)

  2. eeee... now kn, I only want to work at place yg offer good salary bh.. but seems hard to find oh.. like srsly.. suggest ur company to hire me la... :)

  3. Hi Jessica,

    I always love the way u blog. So blunt sometime, honest and just so english to me :)

    I like tat.

    well, since ive moved to a new plc, i get boring so fast and one day i bumped with my neighbour who lived just next door and he intro me a partime job at a cafe. Seriously, i dont fancy tat kind of job but just fror the sake of fun..i went for the interview and i prayed so hard they wont call me. weird me but its ok.

    u have a nice day pretty.