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Monday, June 10, 2013

Smartphone Therapy.

Hello! It's monday everyone! School's about to resume for those who are still in primary and secondary school, no more holiday for you kids! Not forgetting to the teachers, happy working! How was your weekend?? I hope you enjoyed yours as much as I did!

So before I go straight away to the topic, I would like you to answer to these question below :)

1. Are you unable to turn your smartphone off—ever?
2. Do you worry over running out of  your smarthphone battery power? 
3. Do you constantly check for new emails and text messages and calls, notifications?
4. Do you don’t even want to go to the restroom without your smartphone?

If your answers have more than 2 yeses, you officially have the 'Smartphone Addiction" or the medical term for it is Nomophobia. No fret though cos I'm one of you guys and I'm sure there are BILLIONS of people who are like us too. So we are not alone :) I think it is common for human to be addicted to smartphones. Why? The reason is simple, smartphones made life easier. Not only they are light, easy to be carried around, making calls, send text messages, surf the internet, read and send emails, take pictures and videos, you can also install apps that can help you to deal with the problems of everyday life like Whatsapp. In my case, I love to take picture and I used to take a lot of them using my DSLR but my smartphone has taken over my DSLR because my iPhone is wayyyyy lighter and I have all these amazing apps that I use to tweak and edit the pictures and I can upload it on Facebook and Instagrams instantly. But still, addiction is an addiction. 
What can we do about Nomophobia you ask? I have just a thing for all of us! Have you ever heard of or came across with this "Smartphone Therapy" or also known as Therapy for smartphone addict? If you haven't, then try to google it to get to know about it. From the articles that I've read, the remedy to the addiction is to spend at least a day in a week without your precious smartphone. I'm sure some of you might say "Just a day? Easy!" but do not underestimate this addiction. It may not as equal as drug addiction (I'm sure it's wayyyyyyyyyyyy less), but you have no idea how strong does a smartphone affected our daily lives. 
I'm posting this up because I'm currently undergoing the therapy and it's my 6th day of therapy today. I've been smartphone-less since wednesday cos I have to send in my iPhone to get it fixed. It was hard for me to leave it at the shop cos I love it so much, you can't imagine how strong the bond that I have between my iPhone and I. So as all of you figured out, I struggled very hard to endure the 1st and 2nd day of no smartphone. Not that I didn't use smartphone at all, my family have their own and I sometimes I borrowed theirs for just a little while but still, not using your own felt just wrong. On the 3rd day of therapy, I was getting used to it. Still missing my iPhone once in awhile but it wasn't very painful anymore. Felt okay on the 4th and 5th day. As for 6th (today), I feel better. I never thought that I can live without my iPhone but I managed, thanks to all the things that I've been doing that helped me to forget anything related to smartphones.

There you have it. Try to just spend a day without your smartphone and you will realize how plenty of time you get if you're not on your phone all the time. Crossing my fingers that my iPhone will be discharged by later today cos I miss it. ARGH CAN'T WAIT!!!! And will I maintain on doing this 'Smartphone Therapy' every week? Probably... Probably NOT *wink*

My loyal substitute. Thank you for working just fine :)

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  1. What? ada ka pula nomophobia? haha. my so-called murah2 punya smartphone pun mcm rusak2 ni gaman mau kasi beli sudah hp rm50 (ada ka? haha) maigaadd..i don't think i can oh hihi